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"I hated asking someone for the day off. I didn’t like choosing my job over family events. I was struggling to balance a family and build a business. This is what I did…And I want to share it with YOU!"

~Angela Brooks, Internet Marketing Expert
If you are looking to add freedom to your life with a successful part-time home business on the go you have come to the right place. I teach people what I did to build a business part-time on your lunch break using social media and a blog working a full-time job as a nurse getting up at 4 AM and getting home at 4 PM doesn’t leave a lot of energy for your family or a business.

I understand having limited time in the afternoon but I was determined to change how I spent the hours in my day. I felt guilty like most moms do, giving up family time to build a part-time business. I learned how to squeeze the most in a 24 hour day by using my lunch break and turning my 45 minute drive time to work into a mobile university and office. The one thing that kept me focused was the desire to have freedom from punching a time clock and working someone else’s schedule.
Yes, I need you to show me how to succeed!
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